Soomaa National Park
Estonia, Viljandi Natural-Candidate
Råbjerg Mile, Wandering Dune
Denmark, North Jutland Natural-Candidate
Sarek National Park
Sweden, Norrbotten County Natural-Candidate
Bialowieza Wild Forest
Poland/Belarus, Białowieza Natural-Candidate
Kemeri National Park
Latvia, Jurmala Natural-Candidate
High Coast & Kvarken Archipelago
Sweden /Finland, Coast Natural-Candidate
Belarusian Bogs - Lungs of Europe
Belarus, Turau Natural-Candidate
Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland
Sweden, Oland Natural-Candidate
Sand Dunes in Slowinski National Park
Poland, Leba & Smoldzino Natural-Candidate
Curonian Lagoon & Spit
Lithuania/Russia Natural-Candidate
Kaali Meteorite Crater and National Park
Estonia, Saaremaa Island Natural-Candidate
Koli National Park
Finland Natural-Candidate
Kihnu Island
Estonia, Kihnu Natural-Candidate
Masurian Lake District
Poland, Masuria Natural-Candidate
Rügen & Møn White Cliffs
Germany/Denmark Natural-Candidate