Estonian Song Festival
Estonia, Tallinn Cultural-Candidate
St. Petersburg - Historic Centre and Monuments
Russia, St. Petersburg Cultural-Candidate
Siauliai Hill of Crosses
Lithuania, Šiauliai Cultural-Candidate
Malbork Castle of the Teutonic Order
Poland, Malbork Cultural-Candidate
Medieval Festival Gotland
Sweden, Visby Cultural-Candidate
Sarek National Park
Sweden, Norrbotten County Natural-Candidate
Elblag Canal Float
Poland, Elblag Cultural-Candidate
Vilnius Old Town
Lithuania, Vilnius Cultural-Candidate
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Poland, Wieliczka Cultural-Candidate
Bad Doberan Monastery
Germany, Bad Doberan Cultural-Candidate
Kronstadt - Military Base on the Island
Russia, Kronstadt Cultural-Candidate
The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Germany, Berlin Cultural-Candidate
Häme Castle
Finland, Hämeenlinna Cultural-Candidate
Jelling Mounds & Runic Stones, South Denmark
Denmark, Jelling Mounds Cultural-Candidate
Narva Fortress
Estonia, Narva Cultural-Candidate
Minsk - Socialist Realism in Architecture
Belarus, Minsk Cultural-Candidate
Kaali Meteorite Crater and National Park
Estonia, Saaremaa Island Natural-Candidate
Suomenlinna Sea Fortress
Finland, Helsinki Cultural-Candidate
Kihnu Island
Estonia, Kihnu Natural-Candidate
Medieval Town of Toruń
Poland, Toruń Cultural-Candidate
Trakai Castle
Lithuania, Trakai Cultural-Candidate
Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland
Sweden, Oland Natural-Candidate
Helsinki - Senate Square
Finland, Helsinki Cultural-Candidate
Koli National Park
Finland Natural-Candidate
Bialowieza Wild Forest
Poland/Belarus, Białowieza Natural-Candidate
Hanseatic City of Lübeck
Germany, Lübeck Cultural-Candidate
Kizhi Pogost
Russia, Republic of Karelia Cultural-Candidate
Historic Centre of Cracow
Poland, Cracow Cultural-Candidate
Skokloster Castle & Church
Sweden, Skokloster Cultural-Candidate
Rügen & Møn White Cliffs
Germany/Denmark Natural-Candidate
Viborg Castle
Russia, Viborg Cultural-Candidate
Historisch-Technisches Infozentrum Peenemünde
Germany, Peenemünde Cultural-Candidate
High Coast & Kvarken Archipelago
Sweden /Finland, Coast Natural-Candidate
Turku Castle
Finland, Turku Cultural-Candidate
Turku Cathedral
Finland, Turku Cultural-Candidate
Råbjerg Mile, Wandering Dune
Denmark, North Jutland Natural-Candidate
Hanse Sail, Rostock
Germany, Rostock Cultural-Candidate
Gdansk - Town of Memory and Freedom
Poland, Gdansk Cultural-Candidate
Rock Carvings, Tanum
Sweden, Tanumshede Cultural-Candidate
Old City of Zamość
Poland, Zamość Cultural-Candidate
Wolin Vikings and Slavs Historical Reconstruction
Poland, Wolin Cultural-Candidate
Sopot Pier & Waterfront
Poland, Sopot Cultural-Candidate
St. John's Church, Tartu
Estonia, Tartu Cultural-Candidate
Stockholm Vasa Museum
Sweden, Stockholm Cultural-Candidate
Soomaa National Park
Estonia, Viljandi Natural-Candidate
Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde
Denmark, Roskilde Cultural-Candidate
Göta Canal
Sweden, Stockholm Cultural-Candidate
Kuressaare Castle
Estonia, Saaremaa Island Cultural-Candidate
Sand Dunes in Slowinski National Park
Poland, Leba & Smoldzino Natural-Candidate
Kemeri National Park
Latvia, Jurmala Natural-Candidate
Lighthouses of Hiiumaa
Estonia, Hiiuma Cultural-Candidate
Bornholm Round Churches & Stone Carvings
Denmark, Bornholm Cultural-Candidate
Bronz Age Burial Site Sammallahdenmäki
Finland Cultural-Candidate
Belarusian Bogs - Lungs of Europe
Belarus, Turau Natural-Candidate
Schwerin Castle
Germany, Schwerin Cultural-Candidate
Kiel Week (Kieler Woche)
Germany, Kiel Cultural-Candidate
Masurian Lake District
Poland, Masuria Natural-Candidate
Rundale Palace
Latvia, Rundale County Cultural-Candidate
Tallinn Old Town
Estonia, Tallinn Cultural-Candidate
Haithabu - Viking Settlement
Germany, Haithabu Cultural-Candidate
Curonian Lagoon & Spit
Lithuania/Russia Natural-Candidate
Riga Old Town
Latvia, Riga Cultural-Candidate
Kronborg Castle
Denmark, Helsingør Cultural-Candidate
Historic Centres of Stralsund and Wismar
Germany, Stralsund, Wismar Cultural-Candidate
Roskilde Cathedral
Denmark, Roskilde Cultural-Candidate